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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-03-26High-Pressure effects in to the Absorption coefficient and relative refractive index change in an asymmetric double δ-doped GaAs quantum well39645; 39945
2009Hole states in diamond p-delta-doped field effect transistors39945
2007-02-15Hole-level structure of double -doped quantum wells in Si: The influence of the split-off band39945
2011-11-29Improvement of the quantum confined Stark effect characteristics by means of energy band profile modulation: The case of Gaussian quantum wells39945
2018-03Intermediate band formation in a d-doped like QW superlattices of GaAs/AlxGa1 xAs for solar cell design39945
2008-06k p calculations of p-type d-doped quantum wells in Si39945
2006-07-11k · p calculations for double p-type -doped quantum wells in GaAs39945
2018-07Low-dimensional thermoelectricity in graphene: The case of gated graphene superlattices39945
2014-09Magnetoelectric barriers in monolayer graphene: Red and blue shifts of the low energy conductance peaks and its relation to the spectrum of bound states39645; 39945
2019-06-19Non-conventional graphene superlattices as electron band-pass filters39945
2013-09-01Nonlinear absorption coefficient and relative refraction index change for an asymmetrical double δ-doped quantum well in GaAs with a Schottky barrier potential39645; 39945
2013-09Nonlinear optical properties in an asymmetric double δ‐doped quantum well with a Schottky barrier: Electric field effects39645; 39945
2019-05-23Pseudospin-dependent Zitterbewegung in monolayer graphene39945; 0000-0003-0087-8991
2014-04Refractive index changes in n-type delta-doped GaAs under hydrostatic pressure39945
2017-04-04Self-similar conductance patterns in graphene Cantor-like structures39945
2018-07Self-similar transmission patterns induced by magnetic field effects in graphene39945
2015-07Simple algebraic method to study the effects of hydrostatic pressure on the fundamental parameters of a Schottky barrier of metal/n-GaAs39945
2008-12-12Study of the electronic properties of GaAs-based atomic layer doped field effect transistor (ALD-FET) under the influence of hydrostatic pressure39945
2017-09-07Study of the optical properties of dielectric-graphene-dielectric multilayer quasi-periodic structures: Thue-Morse case64490; 39945; 16198
2006-02Subband and transport calculations in double -type -doped quantum wells in Si39945