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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09-2510B+ZnS(Ag) as an alternative to 3 He-based detectors for Radiation Portal Monitors6207
2013-042-D Continuous Wavelet transform for ESPI phase-maps denoising31249; 49390; 121858; 20608;
2021-033D shape measurement with temporal phase unwrapping and 1-D continuous wavelet transform31249; 0000-0002-7337-8974;
2021-01-285ta Edición de las Jornadas en Investigación en Ciencias Biológicas59182; Juan Manuel Favela-Hernández; Juan Manuel Pérez Díaz
2013-07A 2-D Continuos Wavelet Transform method for InSAR phase-maps Denoising20608; 31249; 49390;
2016-09-28A 222 Energy Bins Response Matrix fora 6LiI Scintillator BSS system6207
2016-10A Case Study of Speech Recognition in Spanish: from Conventional to Deep Approach31249;
2018-04-25A Case–Control Study of Socio-Economic and Nutritional Characteristics as Determinants of Dental Caries in Different Age Groups, Considered as Public Health Problem: Data from NHANES 2013–2014299983; 266942; 326164; 0000-0002-7635-4687
2016-05-18A class analysis of the dynamics of capitalist development in Peru and the struggle for revolutionary social transformation122969; 10045; Veltmeyer, Henry; López-Villafañe, Víctor; Lust, Jan
2021-01A Compact Weighing Lysimeter to Estimate the Water Infiltration Rate in Agricultural Soils271445
2018-09A comparative between Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) and Inverse Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (IMFCC) features for an Automatic Bird Species Recognition System31249;
2020-03A comparative case study of neural network training by using frame-level cost functions for automatic speech recognition purposes in Spanish31249;
2012-03-14A Comparative Study of Some Markov Random Fields and Different Criteria Optimization in Image Restoration31249; 121858;
2016-04-19A comparison of back propagation and Generalized Regression Neural Networks performance in neutron spectrometry241916; 172896; 172879; 123645; 6207; 268446; 49237; 200970;
2014-01A critical overview of migration and development: The Latin American challenge10070
2016-06-10A don Celso Furtado, a sus ochenta años0000-0001-7195-8775
2018-03-10A generalized model for indoor location estimation using environmental sound from human activity recognition299983; 429892; 326164; 266942; 0000-0002-7635-4687
2021-03-13A higher-order tangent map and a conjecture on the higher Nash blowup of curves225023
2020A la sombra de los caudillos. El presidencialismo en el cine mexicano35415; Álvaro A. Fernández
2012A meta-analysis of effects of chemical composition of incubated diet and bioactive compounds on in vitro ruminal fermentation164375