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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
25-sep-201710B+ZnS(Ag) as an alternative to 3 He-based detectors for Radiation Portal Monitors6207
28-sep-2016A 222 Energy Bins Response Matrix fora 6LiI Scintillator BSS system6207
18-may-2016A class analysis of the dynamics of capitalist development in Peru and the struggle for revolutionary social transformation122969; 10045; Veltmeyer, Henry; López-Villafañe, Víctor; Lust, Jan
ene-2014A critical overview of migration and development: The Latin American challenge10070
10-jun-2016A don Celso Furtado, a sus ochenta años0000-0001-7195-8775
2012A meta-analysis of effects of chemical composition of incubated diet and bioactive compounds on in vitro ruminal fermentation164375
10-abr-2005A Methodological Proposal for Environmental Education0000-0002-7441-3233
jul-2008A Phaseolus vulgaris EF-hand calcium-binding domain is induced early in the defense response against Colletotrichum lindemuthianum and by abiotic stress: Sequences shared between interacting partners120833
ene-1997A questão ambiental em Marx0000-0002-7441-3233
1-ene-2011A southern perspective on forced migration and alternative development102989; 10070; Delgado Wise, Raúl
may-2007El abaratamiento de la fuerza de trabajo mexicana en la integración económica de México a Estados Unidos10070; 102989; 120243
13-mar-2013Abiotic Stress in Plants and Metabolic Responses120833
ene-2012Abiotic stress response in plants: integrative genetic pathways and overlapping reactions between abiotic and biotic stress responses120833
oct-2006Absorbed Dose in the Uterus of a Three Months Pregnant Woman Due to 131I6207
28-mar-2019Accelerated Expansion of the Universe via Energy Conservation-
ene-2016Acciones para la defensa realista en una ciudad novohispana. Zacatecas, 1808-181419254
2014Aceites esenciales modificadores de perfiles de fermentación ruminal y mitigación de metano en rumiantes. Revisión164375
may-1996Action at a distance as a full-value solution of Maxwell equations: The basis and application of the separated-potentials method0000-0001-5324-1834
mar-2016La actitud ética del sujeto asesor en los procesos formativos para la investigación/profesionalización0000-0002-8804-3923
9-nov-2017Actividad antibacteriana de Pleurotus ostreatus45084; Gustavo Valencia del Toro; 0000-0002-7243-2596