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Título : A 2-D Continuos Wavelet Transform method for InSAR phase-maps Denoising
Autor : 20608
Fecha de publicación : jul-2013
Editorial : SPIE
Resumen : Analysis of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) phase–maps with large wide band is still a challenging problem that requires the development of robust methods. This paper presents a 2–D Continuous Wavelet Transform method for denoising InSAR phase-maps. Owing to its high directionality, sensitivity and anisotropy, multiresolution analysis with 2–D Continuous Wavelet Transform (2–D CWT) is potentially a useful tool to construct appropriate filtering algorithms for detecting and identifying images with specific features, transient information content, or other properties. The 2-D Gabor wavelets naturally model the phase fringes, which means that can properly reconstruct the image. We describe the theoretical basis of the proposed technique and some experimental results with real InSAR phase–maps. As can be verified the proposal is robust and effective.
URI : http://ricaxcan.uaz.edu.mx/jspui/handle/20.500.11845/1879
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