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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-04An alternative way of calculating the superlattice Green function for discrete media39945
2016-03Angle-dependent bandgap engineering in gated graphene superlattices39945
2016-03-14Angle-dependent bandgap engineering in gated graphene superlattices39945
2014-03Asymmetric GaAs n-type double δ-doped quantum wells as a source of intersubband-related nonlinear optical response: Effects of an applied electric field39645; 39945
2018-01Asymmetrical external effects on transmission, conductance and giant tunneling magnetoresistance in silicene39945
2019-01-25Bandgap engineering in aperiodic Thue-Morse graphene superlattices39945
2009-08Concentration and band offset dependence of the electronic basic transition of cubic InxGa1−xN/InyGa1−yN quantum wells39945
2017-12Controlling the optical absorption properties of d-FETs by means of contact voltage and hydrostatic pressure effects39945
2017-11-15Effect of the magnetic field on the nonlinear optical rectification and second and third harmonic generation in double -doped GaAs quantum wells39645
2017-11Effect of the magnetic field on the nonlinear optical rectification and second and third harmonic generation in double δ-doped GaAs quantum wells39945
2016-10-21Electron transport in AlxGa1 xAs d-MIGFETs: Conductivity enhancement induced by magnetic field effects39945
2014-09Electrostatic and substrate-based monolayer graphene superlattices: Energy minibands and its relation with the characteristics of the conductance curves39645; 39945
2017-12Energy minibands degeneration induced by magnetic fieldeffects in graphene superlattices39945; 16198
2008Energy states in GaAs delta-doped field effect transistors under hydrostatic pressure39645; 39945
2020-05-10Enhancement of Fano-resonance response in bilayer graphene single and double barriers induced by bandgap opening39945
2017-12-01Fano resonances in bilayer graphene superlattices39945
2015-12-01Fibonacci quasiregular graphene-based superlattices: Quasiperiodicity and its effects on the transmission, transport and electronic structure properties39645; 39945
2018-02-08Giant oscillating magnetoresistance in silicene-based structures39945
2015-03-26High-Pressure effects in to the Absorption coefficient and relative refractive index change in an asymmetric double δ-doped GaAs quantum well39645; 39945
2009Hole states in diamond p-delta-doped field effect transistors39945