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Título : Enhancement of Fano-resonance response in bilayer graphene single and double barriers induced by bandgap opening
Autor : 39945
Fecha de publicación : 10-may-2020
Editorial : Elsevier
Resumen : Fano resonances in bilayer graphene arise due to the coupling between extended and discrete electrons states, and represent an exotic phenomenon in graphene akin to Klein and anti-Klein tunneling, atomic collapse and negative refraction to mention a few. The hallmark of these resonances is identifiable in the conductance curves of bilayer graphene barrier structures. Furthermore, the Fano line-shape can be presented in the conductance by reducing the angular range in the computation of the transport properties. In this work, we explore the possible consequences that bandgap opening in the band structure of bilayer graphene can have over Fano resonances. We have used a four-band Hamiltonian to taking into account the mentioned band structure modifications. The hybrid matrix method and the Landauer–Büttiker formalism have been implemented to obtain the transmittance and the conductance, respectively. We find that the signatures of the Fano resonances on the conductance are enhanced by the opening of the bandgap. In fact, the Fano profile is manifested in the conductance without the need of reducing the angular range. This enhancement results from the improvement of the chirality matching between extended and discrete states induced by the bandgap opening. The main characteristics of the impact of the bandgap opening on the transmission and transport properties of single and double barriers are presented. So, the bandgap opening far from hamper the Fano resonance response promotes it and can be used as modulation parameter to prove the exotic phenomenon of Fano resonances in bilayer graphene barrier structures.
URI : http://ricaxcan.uaz.edu.mx/jspui/handle/20.500.11845/1563
ISSN : 1386-9477
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