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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11Implementation of the Kalman Filter for a Geostatistical Bivariate Spatiotemporal Estimation of Hydraulic Conductivity in Aquifers271445
2021-01-14Estimation of the Evapotranspiration and Crop Coefficients of Bell Pepper Using a Removable Weighing Lysimeter: A Case Study in the Southeast of Spain271445
2021-01A Compact Weighing Lysimeter to Estimate the Water Infiltration Rate in Agricultural Soils271445
2017-09Assessing low-pressure solid-set sprinkler irrigation in maize271445
2014-06A particle tracking velocimetry technique for drop characterization in agricultural sprinklers271445
2014Discharge Coefficient Analysis for Triangular Sharp-Crested Weirs Using Low-Speed Photographic Technique271445
2014-05Caracterización geométrica y cinemática de un chorro pulverizado empleando la técnica óptica PTV271445
2020-10-15Special features of radio pulse spectral density analysis120485; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2020-11-16About non-radiation of a charge moving with acceleration and “free” electromagnetic field120485; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2020-09-15Dark matter, dark energy and relates topics in theoretical physics0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2020-06-08Stellar energy loss rates beyond the standard model0000-0002-1478-7946; 0000-0001-5324-1834
2020-07-23Post-Newtonian limit: second-order Jefimenko equations120485; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2019-04-16Tailoring the transmission and absorption spectra in a graphene-dielectric multilayer system for Lorentzian profile in the chemical potential16198; 64490
2019-11-29Optical Properties of Dielectric-Graphene Left Hand Material Structure16198
2020-05-10Enhancement of Fano-resonance response in bilayer graphene single and double barriers induced by bandgap opening39945
2019-05-23Pseudospin-dependent Zitterbewegung in monolayer graphene39945; 0000-0003-0087-8991
2019-03-15Controlling the optical absorption properties of d-FETs by means of contact voltage and hydrostatic pressure effects39945; 0000-0003-0087-8991
2019-06-19Non-conventional graphene superlattices as electron band-pass filters39945
2019-01-10TM plasmonic modes in a multilayer graphene-dielectric structure39945
2019-01-25Bandgap engineering in aperiodic Thue-Morse graphene superlattices39945
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20