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Title: Fano resonances in bilayer graphene superlattices
Authors: 39945
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2017
Publisher: Springer Nature
Abstract: In this work, we address the ubiquitous phenomenon of Fano resonances in bilayer graphene. We consider that this phenomenon is as exotic as other phenomena in graphene because it can arise without an external extended states source or elaborate nano designs. However, there are not theoretical and/or experimental studies that report the impact of Fano resonances on the transport properties. Here, we carry out a systematic assessment of the contribution of the Fano resonances on the transport properties of bilayer graphene superlattices. Specifically, we find that by changing the number of periods, adjusting the barriers height as well as modifying the barriers and wells width it is possible to identify the contribution of Fano resonances on the conductance. Particularly, the coupling of Fano resonances with the intrinsic minibands of the superlattice gives rise to specific and identifiable changes in the conductance. Moreover, by reducing the angular range for the computation of the transport properties it is possible to obtain conductance curves with line-shapes quite similar to the Fano profile and the coupling profile between Fano resonance and miniband states. In fact, these conductance features could serve as unequivocal characteristic of the existence of Fano resonances in bilayer graphene.
ISSN: 2045-2322
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