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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-04-04Self-similar conductance patterns in graphene Cantor-like structures39945
2018-07Self-similar transmission patterns induced by magnetic field effects in graphene39945
2015-07Simple algebraic method to study the effects of hydrostatic pressure on the fundamental parameters of a Schottky barrier of metal/n-GaAs39945
2008-12-12Study of the electronic properties of GaAs-based atomic layer doped field effect transistor (ALD-FET) under the influence of hydrostatic pressure39945
2017-09-07Study of the optical properties of dielectric-graphene-dielectric multilayer quasi-periodic structures: Thue-Morse case64490; 39945; 16198
2006-02Subband and transport calculations in double -type -doped quantum wells in Si39945
2004-12Subband structure comparison between n- and p-type double delta-doped GaAs quantum wells39945
2012-04The hydrostatic pressure effects on intersubband optical absorption of n -type d-doped quantum well in GaAs39945
2012-04The hydrostatic pressure effects on intersubband optical absorption of n -type δ-doped quantum well in GaAs39645; 39945
2005-02Thomas–Fermi–Dirac calculations of valence band states in two p-type delta-doped ZnSe quantum wells39945
2003-07Thomas–Fermi–Dirac theory of the hole gas of a double p-type d-doped GaAs quantum wells39945
2009Tight-binding study of the hole subband structure properties of p-type delta-doped quantum wells in Si by using a Thomas-Fermi-Dirac potential39945; 16198
2014-04Transmission properties of Dirac electrons through Cantor monolayer graphene superlattices39645; 39945
2017-11-16Transmittance and Absorption Properties of Graphene Multilayer Quasi-periodic Structure: Period-Doubling case64490; 39945; 16198