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Title: Gauge Invariance of Gravitodynamical Potentials in the Jefimenko’s Generalized Theory of Gravitation
Authors: Espinoza, Augusto
Chubykalo, Andrew
Perez Carlos, David
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: Scientific Research Publishing
Abstract: In the Jefimenko’s generalized theory of gravitation, it is proposed the existence of certain potentials to help us to calculate the gravitational and cogravitational fields, such potentials are also presumed non-invariant under certain gauge transformations. In return, we propose that there is a way to perform the calculation of certain potentials that can be derived without using some kind of gauge transformation, and to achieve this we apply the Helmholtz’s theorem. This procedure leads to the conclusion that both gravitational and cogravitational fields propagate simultaneously in a delayed and in an instant manner. On the other hand, it is also concluded that these potentials thus obtained can be real physical quantities, unlike potentials obtained by Jefimenko, which are only used as a mathematical tool for calculating gravitational and cogravitational fields.
ISSN: 2153-120X
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