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Title: Medicinal Plant Extracts and Their Use As Wound Closure Inducing Agents
Authors: Medellín Luna, Mitzzy F.
Castañeda Delgado, Julio E.
Martıínez Balderas, V. Yordani
Cervantes Villagrana, Alberto Rafael
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Mary Ann Liebert Inc Publishers
Abstract: Skin insult and damage start a complex healing process that involves a myriad of coordinated reactions at both the cellular and molecular level occurring simultaneously. These processes can be divided into that of cell migration and tissue remodeling of the wound. In addition, it is well known that deep wounds that derive from surgical procedures need a multidisciplinary approach to have a successful wound healing process. Recently, there has been a renowned interest in the identification of active compounds derived from ornamental, edible, and wild plants being used in the cosmetic and skin product industry. Recent reports suggest that active components of several plants such as Propolis and Aloe vera could be used to induce the process of wound healing and tissue regeneration and reducing therefore the time to complete wound closure. Other plant species such as Achillea millefolium or Salvia officinalis have anti-inflammatory properties and promote cellular proliferation contributing to faster tissue regeneration. It has been described that Malva sylvestris influences the formation of fibrosis-free granulation tissue in the skin. Recent observations suggest that Casearia sylvestris induces the angiogenic process. These effects have been evaluated in cell lines, different animal models, and some in randomized clinical trials. In this review we summarize the evidence of plant extracts and their active components (when known) in the acceleration of the wound closure process and tissue repair.
ISSN: 1096-620X
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