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Title: Nonlinear optical rectification and second-harmonic generation in a semi-parabolic quantum well under intense laser field: Effects of electric and magneticfields
Authors: 39645
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: The effects of electric and magnetic fields on the nonlinear optical rectification and second harmonic generation coefficients related with intersubband transitions in a semi-parabolic quantum well under intense laser field are theoretically studied. The energy levels and corresponding wave functions are obtained by solving the conduction band Schrödinger-like equation in the parabolic approximation and the envelope function approach. Numerical calculations are presented for a typical GaAs/Ga1-xAlxAs quantum well. The results show that both the non-resonant intense laser field and the static external fields have significant influences on the magnitude and resonant peak energy positions of the coefficients under study.
ISSN: 0749-6036
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