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Título : Theoretical investigation of linear and nonlinear optical properties in an heterostructure based on triple parabolic barriers: Effects of external fields
Autor : 39645
Fecha de publicación : 15-abr-2021
Editorial : Elsevier
Resumen : In this work, we have investigated theoretically the impact of intense laser, electric and magnetic fields on the linear and nonlinear optical properties of a quantum well heterostructure containing triple parabolic barriers (GaAs/AlGaAs). Within the framework of the effective-mass and parabolic band approximations, we have computed the confined lowest energy levels and their corresponding densities of probability, through the use of a finite difference technique to solve the corresponding differential equation. Besides, we evaluate the total optical absorption (TOACs) and relative refractive index change (RRICs) coefficients. The obtained findings show that an increase of the intensity of the intense laser field produces a blue shift at first and then a red shift of the TOACs and RRICs. A specific value of the laser field separating the two kinds of signal displacements is outlined. Contrarily to the intense laser field, an increment of the external static electric and magnetic fields induces only a blue shift in the variation of the TOACs and RRICs. In addition, we have discussed in detail the variation of diagonal and non-diagonal matrix elements which are responsible on the variation of the amplitudes of the TOACs and RRICs. We think that the obtained results can be useful in the design of new device's generation employed in optoelectronic domain.
URI : http://ricaxcan.uaz.edu.mx/jspui/handle/20.500.11845/2381
ISSN : 0921-4526
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