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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2019Synthesis, characterization and cyclic voltammetry studies of helical carbon nanostructures produced by thermal decomposition of ethanol on Cu-foilsFajardo Díaz, Juan; Durón Torres, Sergio Miguel; López Urías, Florentino; Muñoz Sandoval, Emilio
2017Click chemistry of multi-walled carbon nanotubes-G-1,3-diazido-2-isopropanol with alkyne groupsEstévez Martínez, Yoxkin; Durón Torres, Sergio Miguel; Alaníz Lumbreras, Daniel; Jiménez Sandoval, Sergio; Rámirez Palma, María Teresa; González Arratia, Jaime; Cuevas Yañez, Erick; Castaño, Víctor
May-2016Morphology and surface structure of nanocarbon allotropes: a comparative studyHernández Ortíz, Marlen; Estevez Martínez, Yoxkin; Durón Torres, Sergio Miguel; Escalante García, Ismailia Leilani
Dec-2016Glucose microfluidic fuel cell using air as oxidantEscalona Villalpando, Ricardo Antonio; Dector; Dector; Moreno Zuria, Alonso; Durón Torres, Sergio Miguel; Galván Valencia, Marisol; Arriaga, Luís Gerardo; Ledesma García, Janet
May-2020Ir-Sn-Sb-O Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction: Physicochemical Characterization and Performance in Water Electrolysis Single Cell with Solid Polymer ElectrolytePérez Viramontes, Nicté; Collins Martínez, Virginia; Escalante García, Ismailia Leilani; Flores Hernández, José; Galván Valencia, Marisol; Durón Torres, Sergio Miguel
2020The use of artificial intelligence models in the prediction of optimum operational conditions for the treatment of dye wastewaters with similar structural characteristicsPicos Benitez, Alaín; Martínez Vargas, Blanca; Durón Torres, Sergio Miguel; Brillas, Enric; Peralta Hernández, Juan
Oct-2016Microwave Assisted Sol-Gel Synthesis and Characterization of M–TiO2 (MDPt, Au) PhotocatalystsHernández, Hiram; Durón Torres, Sergio Miguel; Esquivel, Karen; Guzmán, C.
2020Determination of the surface functionality of nanocarbon allotropes by boehm titrationHernández Ortíz, Marlen; Durán Muñóz, Héctor; Lozano López, J. D.; Durón Torres, Sergio Miguel; Galván Valencia, Marisol; Estevez Martínez, Yoxkin; Ortíz Medina, Imelda; Ramírez Hernández, Leticia; Cruz Dominguez, Oscar; Castaño, Víctor
Apr-2020Differential Proliferation Effect of the Newly Synthesized Valine, Tyrosine and Tryptophan–Naphthoquinones in Immortal and Tumorigenic Cervical Cell LinesCórdova Rivas, Sergio; Araujo Huitrado, Jorge Gustavo; Rivera Avalos, Ernesto; Escalante García, Ismailia Leilani; Durón Torres, Sergio Miguel; López Hernández, Yamile; Hernández López, Hiram; López, Lluvia; De Loera, Denisse; López, Jesús Adrian
Sep-2019DNA Biosensor Based on Double-Layer Discharge for the Detection of HPV Type 16Espinosa, José; Galván, Marisol; Quiñones, Arturo; Ayala, Jorge; Durón Torres, Sergio Miguel