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Title: Breast Cancer Detection by Means of Artificial Neural Networks
Authors: Ortíz Rodríguez, José Manuel
Guerrero Méndez, Carlos
Martínez Blanco, María del Rosario
Castro Tapia, Salvador
Moreno Lucio, Mireya
Jaramillo Martínez, Ramón
Solís Sánchez, Luis Octavio
Martínez Fierro, Margarita de la Luz
Garza Veloz, Idalia
Moreira Galván, José Cruz
Barrios García, Jorge Alberto
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2017
Publisher: IntechOpen
Abstract: Breast cancer is a fatal disease causing high mortality in women. Constant efforts are being made for creating more efficient techniques for early and accurate diagnosis. Classical methods require oncologists to examine the breast lesions for detection and classification of various stages of cancer. Such manual attempts are time consuming and inefficient in many cases. Hence, there is a need for efficient methods that diagnoses the cancerous cells without human involvement with high accuracies. In this research, image processing techniques were used to develop imaging biomarkers through mammography analysis and based on artificial intelligence technology aiming to detect breast cancer in early stages to support diagnosis and prioritization of high-risk patients. For automatic classification of breast cancer on mammograms, a generalized regression artificial neural network was trained and tested to separate malignant and benign tumors reaching an accuracy of 95.83%. With the biomarker and trained neural net, a computer-aided diagnosis system is being designed. The results obtained show that generalized regression artificial neural network is a promising and robust system for breast cancer detection. The Laboratorio de Innovacion y Desarrollo Tecnologico en Inteligencia Artificial is seeking collaboration with research groups interested in validating the technology being developed.
ISBN: 978-953-51-3781-8
Other Identifiers: info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion
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