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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-11La aventura de la Física14935; 0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2017-08-01Bounds on electromagnetic dipole moments of the tau-neutrino in a U(1) B −L model121130
2015-07-19Bounds on the Number of Light Neutrinos Species, g'1 Coupling and Z − Z' Mixing Angle in a U(1)B−L Model121130
2013-01-31Dipole moments of the tau-lepton and Z–Z ' mixing angle induced in a 331 model121130
2014Dipole moments of the tau-neutrino from the process e+e− → ν¯νγ0000-0002-1478-7946; 0000-0001-5324-1834
2017-08-01Emissivity of Neutrinos in Supernova via the pair-annihilation process beyond the Standard Model121130
2006-02Helmholtz theorem and the V-Gauge in the problem of superluminal and instantaneous signals in classical electrodynamics0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2016-08-03Higgs bosons production and decay at future e+ e− linear colliders as a probe of the B–L model121130
2014Limits on the electromagnetic and weak dipole moments of the tau-lepton in a 331 model0000-0002-1478-7946; 0000-0001-5324-1834
2018-06-30Model-independent sensibility studies for the anomalous dipole moments of the neutrino at the CLIC based ye− colliders121130; 16193
2013-08-01Neutrino-Electron Scattering: Charge Radius and Effective Couplings121130
2017-11On the violation of the invariance of the light speed in theoretical investigations0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2017-06-19Probing the electromagnetic dipole moments of the tau-neutrino in the U(1)B−L model at the ILC and CLIC energies121130
2015-12-01Probing U(1)B−L model through the process e+ e− → nu antinu gamma121130
2007-09Reply to ‘Comment on “Helmholtz Theorem and the V-Gauge in the Problem of Superluminal and Instantaneous Signals in Classical Electrodynamics” by A. Chubykalo et al.’ by J.A. Heras [Found. Phys. Lett. vol. 19(6) p. 579 (2006)]0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2017-01-27Stellar energy loss rates in the pair-annihilation process beyond the standard model121130
2021-03-01Study on the anomalous quartic W+W-yy couplings of electroweak bosons in e-p collisions at the LHeC and the FCC-he121130
2008-09The Triple Higgs Boson Self-Coupling at Future Linear e+e-Colliders Energies: ILC and CLIC0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2008-07Trilinear Self-Couplings of MSSM Higgs Bosons0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2015-06-24Z' Resonance and Associated Zh Production at Future Higgs Boson Factory: ILC and CLIC121130