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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-04Optimización de redes neuronales artificiales para la reconstrucción del espectro de neutrones y sus dosis equivalentes6207;
2013-07Passive neutron area monitor with CR396207;
2014-10Passive neutron area monitor with pairs of TLDs as neutron detector6207;
2012-06Passive neutron area monitor with TLD pairs6207;
2011-02Performance of artificial neural networks and genetical evolved artificial neural networks unfolding techniques6207;
2017Photon and neutron shielding features of quarry tuff6207;
2015-09Photon attenuation properties of some Thorium, Uranium and Plutonium compounds6207;
2015-09-30Photon attenuation properties of some Thorium, Uranium and Plutonium compounds6207;
2017-09-25Photon Shielding Features of Quarry Tuff6207;
2020-01-09Physical characterization of sunflower seeds dehydrated by using electromagnetic induction and low-pressure system121858; 6207;
2016-08Radiochemical Separation and Measurement by Mass Spectrometry with Magnetic Sector with Inductively Coupled Plasma source (ICP-SFMS) of Plutonium Isotopes in Soil Samples6207;
2003-09Reconstrucción de Espectros de Neutrones Mediante Redes Neuronales6207;
2011-09Response of a neutron monitor area with TLDs pairs6207;
2013-01Robust Design of Artificial Neural Networks Methodology in Neutron Spectrometry6207;
2015-06SSNTD Technique in Photo-neutron Applications6207;
2016Studies on neutron and photon KERMA parameters for human body organs6207;
2016-06Studies on Neutron and Photon Kerma Parameters for Human Body Organs6207;
2016-11Study of a 10B + ZnS(Ag) neutron detector as an alternative to 3 He-based detectors in Homeland Security6207;
2014-04-16Subcritical Nuclear Assembly6207;
2012-05TS2f.5 Characterization of an 241AmBe neutron irradiation facility by different spectrometrictechniques6207;