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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-09Medición de K40 en Suelo de Mina6207
2014-04Método planetario para medir el espectro de neutrons en aceleradores lineales de uso médico6207
2014-06Monitor de área pasivo para la medición de la H*(10)6207
2008-10Monte Carlo calculation of the response matrix of a Bonner spheres spectrometer6207
2007-02Monte Carlo study to measure the neutron flux using the prompt gamma-rays in hydrogen6207
2016-08NaI(Tl) Scintillator's Response Functions for Point-like and Distributed Gamma-ray Sources6207
2012-06Neutron absorbed dose in a pacemaker CMOS6207
2012-06Neutron area monitor with passive detector6207
2014Neutron Dosimetry in Solid Water Phantom6207
2012-08Neutron features at the UPM neutronics hall6207
2015-06Neutron field characteristics of Ciemat´s Neutron Standards Laboratoy6207
2014-04Neutron Kerma factor, and water equivalence of some tissue substitutes6207
2008-02Neutron room return effect6207
2014-04Neutron spectra and dosimetric assessment around a neutron Howitzer container6207
2005-01Neutron spectra and dosimetric features around an 18 MV Linac accelerator6207
2011-09Neutron spectra and H*(10) around an 18 MV LINAC by ANNs6207
2012-06Neutron spectra and H*(10) of photoneutrons inside the vault room of an 18 MV LINAC6207
2019-02Neutron spectra from Neutron Standards Laboratory (LPN/CIEMAT) sources with two Bonner sphere spectrometers6207
2007-02Neutron spectra re-binning and dose calculation using Monte Carlo methods6207
2005-03Neutron Spectra Unfolding with Artificial Neural Networks6207