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Title: Monte Carlo calculation of the response matrix of a Bonner spheres spectrometer
Authors: Vega Carrillo, Héctor René
Gallego Díaz, Eduardo
Manzanares Acuña, Eduardo
Lorente, Alfredo
Issue Date: Oct-2008
Publisher: Sociedad Argentina de Radioprotección
Abstract: The Bonner spheres spectrometer is utilized to estimate the neutron spectrum of neutrons from thermal up to several MeV neutrons. Its response is increased to few GeV neutrons by introducing large Z materials as inner shells. To use the spectrometer a matrix response and an unfolding method are required; these are crucial to assure the quality of spectrometer output. The response matrix of a Bonner sphere spectrometer was calculated by use of the MCNP code. As thermal neutron counter the spectrometer has a 0.4 Ø × 0.4 cm2 6LiI(Eu) scintillator which is located at the centre of a set of polyethylene spheres. The response functions were calculated for 0, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, and 12 inches-diameter polyethylene spheres for neutrons whose energy goes from 10-8 to 100 MeV. For energies from 10-8 to 20 MeV the MCNP4C code was utilized while for neutrons from 20 to 100 MeV calculations were carried out with MCNPX code. The response functions were compared with those reported in the literature.
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