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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09-2510B+ZnS(Ag) as an alternative to 3 He-based detectors for Radiation Portal Monitors6207;
2016-09-28A 222 Energy Bins Response Matrix fora 6LiI Scintillator BSS system6207;
2016-04-19A comparison of back propagation and Generalized Regression Neural Networks performance in neutron spectrometry241916; 172896; 172879; 123645; 6207; 268446; 49237; 200970;
2016-04-30A neutron spectrum unfolding code based on generalized regression artificial neural networks241916; 172896; 172879; 123645; 6207; 268446; 49237; 200970;
2006-10Absorbed Dose in the Uterus of a Three Months Pregnant Woman Due to 131I6207;
2014-09Amplificador Espectroscópico para diodo Pin6207;
2015-11Analysis of a micro vertical-axis wind turbine by computational fluids simulation6207;
2006Analysis of BOP-F polymer by Neutron Activation6207;
2018-09Analysis of CR39 and LR 115 nuclear track detector response to neutron flux of an 241Am/Be source using natural boron as converter6207;
2014-09Análisis Monte Carlo del Laboratorio de Patrones Neutrónicos del CIEMAT6207;
2018-04El análisis por activación con neutrones: Una herramienta poderosa contra la contaminación6207;
2019-01-16Análisis y obtención de la cinemática de un robot manipulador industrial de 3 GDL429892; 6207;
2013Animal Models of Rheumatoid Arthritis6207;
1991Application of bonner spheres spectrometer in Californium-252 neutron field dosimetry6207;
2016-12Bioacumulación de plomo en chile de árbol (Capsicum frutescens L.) cultivado en Guadalupe, Zacatecas6207;
2017-12Biological Activity and Implications of the Metalloproteinases in Diabetic Foot Ulcers6207
2018-06-29Brief Analysis of the Optical Behavior of Zns: Mn Nanocrystals6207;
2004-07Calculation of Neutron Kerma in Tissues6207;
2008-02Calculation of Response matrix of a BSS with 6LiI scintillator6207;
2015-09Calculo de espectros de neutrones y dosis en un reactor nuclear subcrítico a base de Torio6207;