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Title: Calculation of Neutron Kerma in Tissues
Authors: Vega Carrillo, Héctor René
Manzanares Acuña, Eduardo
Issue Date: Jul-2004
Publisher: Sociedad Mexicana de Seguridad Radiológica (SMSR)
Sociedad Nuclear Americana (LAS/. ANS).
Abstract: Neutron kerma of normal and tumor tissues has been calculated using the tissues´ elemental concentration. A program developed in Mathcad contains the kerma factors of C, H, O, N, Na, Mg, P, S, Cl, K, etc. that are in normal and tumor human tissues. Having the elemental composition of any human tissue the neutron kerma can be calculated. The program was tested using the elemental composition of tumor tissues such as sarcoma, melanoma, carcinoma and adenoid cystic, also neutron kerma for adipose and muscle tissue for normal adult was calculated. The results are in agreement with those published in literature. The neutron kerma for water was also calculated because in some dosimetric calculations water is used to describe normal and tumor tissues. From this comparison was found that at larger energies kerma factors are approximately the same, but energies less than 100 eV the differences are large.
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