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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-09-01Necessity of simultaneous co-existence of instantaneous and retarded interactions in classical electrodynamics0000-0001-5324-1834
2011-12No-go theorem for the classical Maxwell-Lorentz electrodynamics in odd-dimensional worlds0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2006-11On Some Unusual Properties of Wave Solutions of Free Maxwell Equations0000-0002-1478-7946; 0000-0001-5324-1834
2017On the Existence of Gauge Functions for Space-Like Separations0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2018-04On the Existence of Non-Intersecting Straight Lines on the Plane0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-4714-4277
2017-03-09On the Jefimenko’s Non-Einsteinian Clocks and Synchronicity of Moving Clocks0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2015-03On the mathematical necessity of the co-existence of electromagnetic fields of the non-standard polarity with the standard electromagnetic fields in the case of the existence of Dirac monopoles0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2014-03On the presumable wave nature of the time flow of Kozyrev0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2017-07On the Question of the Invariance of the Light Speed0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2017-11On the violation of the invariance of the light speed in theoretical investigations0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2016On unexpected difficulties in the teaching of the special theory of relativity0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2020-07-23Post-Newtonian limit: second-order Jefimenko equations120485; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2014-12Relativistic analysis of application of Helmholtz theorem to classical electrodynamics0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2012-03-22Reply to Comment on ‘Electromagnetic potentials without gauge transformation’0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2007-09Reply to ‘Comment on “Helmholtz Theorem and the V-Gauge in the Problem of Superluminal and Instantaneous Signals in Classical Electrodynamics” by A. Chubykalo et al.’ by J.A. Heras [Found. Phys. Lett. vol. 19(6) p. 579 (2006)]0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
1998-03Reply to ‘‘Comment on ‘Action at a distance as a full-value solution of Maxwell equations: The basis and application of the separated-potentials method’ ’’0000-0001-5324-1834
2010-08Self-dual electromagnetic fields0000-0002-1478-7946; 0000-0001-5324-1834
2016-06Some of the Complexities in the Special Theory of Relativity: New Paradoxes0000-0001-5324-1834; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2020-10-15Special features of radio pulse spectral density analysis120485; 0000-0002-1478-7946
2018Spherical and Ring-Like Configurations for the Gravitodynamical Field0000-0002-1478-7946; 0000-0001-5324-1834