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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04-25A Case–Control Study of Socio-Economic and Nutritional Characteristics as Determinants of Dental Caries in Different Age Groups, Considered as Public Health Problem: Data from NHANES 2013–2014299983; 266942; 326164; 0000-0002-7635-4687
2018-03-10A generalized model for indoor location estimation using environmental sound from human activity recognition299983; 429892; 326164; 266942; 0000-0002-7635-4687
2019-02-08Asociación de descriptores demográfi cos y dietéticos con caries dentales para el desarrollo de una herramienta de diagnóstico preventivo828415; Carlos E. Galván Tejada; Jorge I. Galván Tejada; Nubia M. Chávez Lamas
2020-03-28Automatic Detection of Malignant Masses in Digital Mammograms Based on a MCET-HHO Approach299983
2020-02-12Comparison of Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for Classification of Tomato Plant Diseases299983; 49390; 267233
2020-03-10Comparison of Night, Day and 24 h Motor Activity Data for the Classification of Depressive Episodes299983; 267233
2018-06-10Deep artificial neural networks for the diagnostic of caries using socioeconomic and nutritional features as determinants: Data from nhanes 2013–2014299983
2019-01-10Depression Episodes Detection in Unipolar and Bipolar Patients: A Methodology with Feature Extraction and Feature Selection with Genetic Algorithms Using Activity Motion Signal …299983
2020-04-14Estimation of Indoor Location Through Magnetic Field Data: An Approach Based On Convolutional Neural Networks299983; 267233
2019-10-01Evaluation of Linked Determinants Between Diabetes and Caries299983; 267233
2019-03-10Feature Extraction in Motor Activity Signal: Towards a Depression Episodes Detection in Unipolar and Bipolar Patients299983
2020-01-10Feature Selection Using Genetic Algorithms for the Generation of a Recognition and Classification of Children Activities Model Using Environmental Sound299983; 267233
2019-01-10Identification of diabetic patients through clinical and para-clinical features in Mexico: an approach using deep neural networks299983; 326164; 0000-0002-7635-4687
2019-01-24Image Registration Measures and Chronic Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Prediction: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative429892
2017-03-10Multivariate feature selection of image descriptors data for breast cancer with computer-assisted diagnosis299983; 326164; 266942; 268446; 49237; 0000-0002-7635-4687
2019-07-24“Texting & Driving” Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks267233