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Title: Lifestyle and relationship with periodontal disease
Authors: Gaitán Fonseca, César
Araujo Espino, Roxana
Aguilera Galaviz, Luis Alejandro
Trejo Ortíz, Perla
Correa Alcalde, Teresina
Frías Muñoz, Maribel
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: JB BOOKS
Abstract: Lifestyle is composed of behaviors and habits that refer to the customs of individuals, some behaviors may be protective factors for health, while others can be harmful facilitating the development of some disease such as periodontitis. A risk factor is defined as that circumstance that increases individual changes of contracting an illness or any health problem. The prevalence and severity of periodontal disease varies according to social, environmental, systemic and oral diseases, particularly the situation of individual oral hygiene. Among the determinants for the presence of this pathology in young people are age, gender, stress, socioeconomic level and academic instruction. The severity of the disease increases with age, there is a higher prevalence in women linked to hormonal changes in the pubertal stage, stress period and has been associated with the low socioeconomic level characterized by poor hygienic and deficient dietary habits.
URI: http://localhost/xmlui/handle/20.500.11845/822
ISBN: 978-83-947078-1-1
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