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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jul-2020Post-Newtonian limit: second-order Jefimenko equationsPérez Carlos, David Antonio; Espinoza Garrido, Amado Augusto; Chubykalo, Andrew
Dec-2014Relativistic analysis of application of Helmholtz theorem to classical electrodynamicsAlvarado Flores, Rolando; Chubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto
22-Mar-2012Reply to Comment on ‘Electromagnetic potentials without gauge transformation’Chubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Alvarado Flores, Rolando
Sep-2007Reply to ‘Comment on “Helmholtz Theorem and the V-Gauge in the Problem of Superluminal and Instantaneous Signals in Classical Electrodynamics” by A. Chubykalo et al.’ by J.A. Heras [Found. Phys. Lett. vol. 19(6) p. 579 (2006)]Chubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Alvarado Flores, Rolando; Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Alejandro
Mar-1998Reply to ‘‘Comment on ‘Action at a distance as a full-value solution of Maxwell equations: The basis and application of the separated-potentials method’ ’’Chubykalo, Andrew; Smirnov Rueda, Roman
Aug-2010Self-dual electromagnetic fieldsChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Kosyakov, Boris Pavlovich
Jun-2016Some of the Complexities in the Special Theory of Relativity: New ParadoxesArtekha, Sergey; Chubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto
15-Oct-2020Special features of radio pulse spectral density analysisChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza Garrido, Amado Augusto; Kuligin, Victor
2018Spherical and Ring-Like Configurations for the Gravitodynamical FieldPerez Carlos, David; Espinoza, Augusto; Chubykalo, Andrew
15-Dec-2002Steady-state sphere-like and ring-like formations of the free electromagnetic field in vacuumEspinoza, Augusto; Chubykalo, Andrew
8-Jun-2020Stellar energy loss rates beyond the standard modelLlamas-Bugarin, Alejandra; Gutierrez-Rodriguez, Alejandro; Gonzalez-Sanchez, Alejandro; Hernandez-Ruiz, María de los Angeles; Espinoza, Augusto; Chubykalo, Andrew
Aug-2011The inertial property of approximately inertial frames of referenceChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Kosyakov, Boris Pavlovich
Sep-2014The Mathematical Justification of a Possible Wave Nature of the Time Flow of KozyrevChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto
Jul-2017The origin of the energy–momentum conservation lawChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Kosyakov, Boris Pavlovich
2016The pedagogical value of the fourdimensional picture: III. Solutions to Maxwell’s equationsChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Kosyakov, Boris Pavlovich
Nov-2013The rationale of the possible existence of solenoidal electric and magnetic fields spreading without the standard retardation conditionChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Ivanov, Rumen
Dec-2013The Simplest Way to Prove That Gauge Transformation between the Coulomb and Lorenz Gauges Must Not ExistChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Alvarado Flores, Rolando
2018The Tesla Currents in ElectrodynamicsChubykalo, Andrew; Kuligin, Viktor
Aug-2012The Theoretical Rationale of the Existence of Electric and Magnetic Fields Spreading InstantaneouslyChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Ivanov, Rumen
Sep-2008The Triple Higgs Boson Self-Coupling at Future Linear e+e-Colliders Energies: ILC and CLICGutiérrez Rodríguez, Alejandro; Hernández Ruíz, María de los Angeles; Sampayo, Oscar; Chubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto