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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The pedagogical value of the fourdimensional picture: III. Solutions to Maxwell’s equationsChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Kosyakov, Boris Pavlovich
Mar-2015On the mathematical necessity of the co-existence of electromagnetic fields of the non-standard polarity with the standard electromagnetic fields in the case of the existence of Dirac monopolesChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto
Aug-2010Self-dual electromagnetic fieldsChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Kosyakov, Boris Pavlovich
29-Nov-2011Improvement of the quantum confined Stark effect characteristics by means of energy band profile modulation: The case of Gaussian quantum wellsRamírez Morales, Alejandro; Martínez Orozco, Juan Carlos; Rodríguez Vargas, Isaac
Mar-2016Angle-dependent bandgap engineering in gated graphene superlatticesGarcía Cervantes, Heraclio; Gaggero Sager, Luís Manuel; Sotolongo Costa, Oscar; Rodríguez Vargas, Isaac
Aug-2012The Theoretical Rationale of the Existence of Electric and Magnetic Fields Spreading InstantaneouslyChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Ivanov, Rumen
2013Gauge Symmetries and gauge trnasformations for Maxwell EquationsChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Alvarado Flores, Rolando
Dec-2017Energy minibands degeneration induced by magnetic fieldeffects in graphene superlatticesReyes Villagrana, Raúl A.; Carrera Escobedo, Víctor Hugo; Suárez López, Jaime Raúl; Madrigal Melchor, Jesús; Rodríguez Vargas, Isaac
Dec-2011No-go theorem for the classical Maxwell-Lorentz electrodynamics in odd-dimensional worldsChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Kosyakov, Boris Pavlovich
Jul-2017The origin of the energy–momentum conservation lawChubykalo, Andrew; Espinoza, Augusto; Kosyakov, Boris Pavlovich